Welcome to Deep Roots Ministries

We are a Heart restoration ministry, cultivating deeper union with God.

Colossians 2:7 – Having been deeply rooted in Him and now being continually built up in Him and becoming increasingly more established in your faith.

Mission: Leading men and their families into cultivating deeper union with God.

Vision: Joining a fellowship of Kingdom Outposts in seeing men begin to become oriented and alive, compelling them to lead themselves, their families, and others into a deeper, more free and abundant life that is available through Jesus.

The purpose of Deep Roots Ministries is a Discipleship first initiative, developed to reach people across all walks of life and find ways that we can fulfill our part in the mission of Jesus outlined in Luke 4 and Isaiah 61:1, by seeking to awaken, stir, and restore the hearts of God’s Beloved Sons and Daughters.  The fulfilling the Great Commission in creating disciples of Jesus Christ and training them in to go out and reach others with the message of hope and restoration made possible through Jesus Christ.  Helping men and women standup as the Kingdom warriors they are meant to be.

Deep Roots Ministries will be home of heart seeking ministry work anchored by the Anvil Men’s Boot Camp and the Unveiled Women’s Encounter.  These restorative weekends and the ensuing ministry work from that, is built to allow men and women a place to begin exploring their own walk with God in a deeper way.  Through that exploration and through learning to yield more to the heart of God and allowing Him to do a work in them, they can learn to allow God to continue training them and growing them toward a life of being whole and holy that leads through progressive and lifelong sanctification.

All of this is rooted in guiding people towards lives that help them live fuller lives that continues to build deeper roots in their faith where an intimate walk with Christ is the ultimate aspect of pursuing life and life to the full.