About Deep Roots

In 2017, the first Anvil Men’s Boot Camp was launched as an offshoot men’s ministry within the local church. What started as a planned semi-annual retreat that modeled the teachings of John Eldredge and others, quickly grew into more. In 2018, the first Unveiled Women’s Encounter was held. Conversations began to explore what God had next.

Richard Clinton and his wife, Amber, who both spearheaded the different retreats, began to see that God was after something more. They were thrust into a mission, that a few years prior, was not anywhere on their radar. Friends Dallas Haupt, Chet Fowler, and Chris Dearborn began to get involved in conversations with Richard about what may be next. As 2019 rolled around, it was apparent that, as alluded to by several retreat alumni, we were going to need a bigger boat.

Deep Roots Ministries is a ministry developed to be heart restoration ministry, anchored by the Anvil Men’s Boot Camp and Unveiled Women’s Encounter.  These are retreat style weekends designed with the expressed purpose of awakening, stirring, and restoring the hearts of men and women.  From these weekends, the ministry is established as a place for not just retreat alumni, but people from all over to be able to seek after the more that is available through choosing a deeper and more intimate walk with God.  It is our intention that no one is left behind, but rather, Deep Roots is a place where people can come for ongoing counsel, coaching, and support through various resources we offer and encouraging continued fellowship though gatherings and events.

At Deep Roots Ministries, we firmly believe in Proverbs 27:17 that iron sharpens iron and it is our intent as a team to model a walk together as a team that can resharpen and encourage, and when needed, correct one another through a trusted deeper fellowship with one another.  With a trusted fellowship within our team, we intend to follow the lead of God with where we go into the future and develop services and potential products that help to sharpen and resharpen those that we touch.