The Anvil

What is the Anvil Men’s Boot Camp:  Have you ever thought to yourself…is there more to this life? Have you ever wondered what a deeper life with God was like?

Welcome to The Anvil.
Our Mission is about guiding men into exploring the frontier of their identity in Christ, and orienting them to a life of pursuing ever growing deeper union with God and continued pursuit of the abundant life available through Christ.

This weekend first began from the model of the Wild at Heart Boot Camps held by Ransomed Heart (now Wild at Heart) Ministries in Colorado.  It is a chance to step out of the matrix and into the wilderness for 4 days to spend deeper fellowship with God and with a Band of Brothers.  It is a chance to pause for a moment and to go on a treasure hunt seeking the more that is available by venturing deeper with God, and taking the risk to dive deeper in your walk with Him to further become the man He is calling you to be.

As Michael Thompson (author of The Heart of a Warrior) shares, when we can become orientated and realize our real identities as God’s Beloved Sons, we can then truly become Warriors for the Kingdom of God, allowing Him to train us up the way He is uniquely calling each of us.

This weekend is for men of all ages and for men of all seasons of spiritual maturity. There is always more available and this weekend is a chance to stop to see what God may be up to next. What is frontier in your life? Howard Macey wrote that, “The spiritual life cannot be made suburban, it is always frontier.  Those who choose to live in it must not only accept it, but even rejoice that it remain untamed.

Will you dare risk to step out and explore what is frontier for you? Click below to register for this transformational weekend.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Images from our Anvil Boot Camps