What is Unveiled: This weekend is modeled after the Captivating Women’s retreats held by Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado. Unveiled will be an intimate setting for women to step away from day-to-day busy life and journey together into the deep mysteries of our souls in order to recapture our hearts. We’re inviting women (18 years and older) to take the risk of coming alive and being revealed as the woman God uniquely created us to be, for you are a “beauty to unveil!”

Weekend Layout: During this weekend, ladies will go through a series of lessons derived from the book Captivating. We will also have worship sessions, prayer time, and time allowed for convent of silences, as well as small group time. Our adventure will be a fun afternoon of horseback riding. This will give ladies a chance to fellowship with other women who are there to deepen their relationship with Christ.

Initial Preparation: All attendees are asked to read the book Captivating by Stasi and John Eldredge prior to the weekend.

Images from Unveiled